Crazy Survival Challenge Show “Alone Australia” Returns for Season Two

March 28, 2024 1:07 pm in by

In an exhilarating blend of adventure and survival, “Alone Australia” brings its second season to thrilling new heights, dropping 10 determined Australian survivalists into the rugged wilderness of Te Waipounamu, South Island of New Zealand. The stakes are higher as these participants face the elements, equipped with only their survival skills and essential gear, all for a grand prize of $250,000.

Gone are the familiar territories of Australia, this season shifts the battleground to the breathtaking yet harsh landscapes of Aotearoa. Participants, now allowed to hunt with bows and arrows, face a wider range of prey from wild boar to red deer. However, it’s not just the game that’s different; the environment itself presents new challenges with its snow-capped peaks and deceptive pebble beaches.

From the warm confines of our homes, we watch as these contestants tackle cold dips in six-degree waters, battle swarms of sandflies, and endure steep, wet conditions above sea level. Natural hazards like earthquakes and flash flooding loom as constant threats in this unprecedented test of endurance and willpower.

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This season is notable for its diversity and depth, featuring contestants like Rick, a survival educator and former SAS soldier, and Chace, a young Quandamooka man and combat engineer, alongside former police officer Tamika and resilience coach Mike. Each brings a unique perspective and set of skills to the wilderness of New Zealand.

“Alone Australia” Season Two offers viewers a stark reminder of the raw beauty and danger of nature, as well as the resilience of the human spirit. With an intriguing mix of contestants and the dramatic landscapes of New Zealand, this season promises to be a captivating watch. Tune in to witness these adventurers as they strive to outlast each other in one of the world’s most unforgiving environments.