Daffodils could be the Secret Weapon to Combat Cow Farts

July 11, 2023 1:43 pm in by

Scientists are teaming up with farmers across England and Wales in a quest to make a “huge difference” by reducing methane production and cutting feed costs for dairy cattle. And Daffodils might just hold the key to a more sustainable future for us and our four-legged friends!

Lab tests have shown promising results, revealing that adding an extract from daffodils to livestock feed reduces methane in artificial cow stomachs by a jaw-dropping 96%. Now, the researchers at Scotland’s Rural College are ready to put their flowery find to the ultimate test by launching a four-year trial program at farms across the UK. If successful, this ground-breaking method could slash methane emissions by at least 30% in real cows. It’s time to say goodbye to cow burps and hello to a greener future!

Kevin Stephens, a farmer in Powys, is all in on this game-changing approach. Not only does he breed cattle, but he also cultivates daffodils on his farm. Kevin has been actively involved in developing the science behind the innovative animal feed. Initially, he grew daffodils for an Alzheimer’s drug, but lo and behold, these sunny blooms also produce a compound that curbs ruminants’ methane production. Talk about a happy accident!

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For farmers like Kevin, finding sustainable farming methods is a game-changer. Governments worldwide are imposing taxes and quotas on livestock farmers due to methane emissions. But this daffodil breakthrough offers a ray of hope. “This gives us a very real opportunity to change that story,” says Kevin. It’s time to rewrite the narrative on cow-related methane emissions!

Let’s not forget the staggering impact of livestock on our environment. In the UK alone, cows account for half of the country’s methane emissions. On a global scale, they contribute a whopping 14% of greenhouse gases. But fear not! Professor Jamie Newbold, the mastermind behind this audacious project, has a three-stage plan to save the day.

First, they’ll establish a daffodil supply chain and extract the magical compounds. Then, they’ll ensure the daffodil additive is safe for animals and humans alike. Finally, they’ll collaborate with farmers in England and Wales to demonstrate the additive’s effectiveness in reducing methane production and feed costs for dairy cattle. It’s a vital mission in the battle against global warming and greenhouse gases. Get ready for a blooming revolution in livestock farming! Daffodils could be set to steal the spotlight as we attempt to bid farewell to cow-related methane woes.