Serena Copley lobbies for Bomaderry Nowra Lions

February 26, 2024 8:02 am in by

In 2016 Bomaderry Nowra Lions approached Council for assistance to find a location to house their truck caravan and fridges, equipment used for fundraising activities. Some possible locations were suggested but were unsuitable.

18 months ago, the now unused building at Thurgate Oval was suggested as it was no longer in use and was a central location.

“The Bomaderry Nowra Lions volunteers provide a huge service to our community, which is currently being made harder due to their equipment being saved at members private properties across the city” said Councillor Copley. “The logistics of organizing a fundraising activity becomes more complicated when all the equipment needs to be gathered from far and wide before you can even begin to operate.”

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Bomaderry Nowra Lions President Bruce Murphy said ‘This empty facility is perfect for our needs, we have members keen to contribute to the repurposing of the building, we just need approval from Council to get this project happening.”

“Once Council has approved the project The Lions can begin to seek grants and gather in-kind support” said Councilor Copley ‘This building is sitting idle and could be used for a really worthwhile purpose. Lions have been trying for 7 years to find a solution and I believe this is it. We just need Council to get on board and green light the project.”

“I am raising a Notice of Motion at the Council meeting on Monday night to highlight this situation, and will be encouraging Council to see the value of the Lions proposal. Having a building like this empty and unused is a such a waste, lets put it to good use” said Councillor Copley