Marine Rescue NSW urges boater safety over Easter

April 5, 2023 11:23 am in by


Marine Rescue NSW is urging all boaters be extra careful when they’re out on the state’s waterways this Easter long weekend.

Marine Rescue volunteers across NSW have conducted 1,675 rescue missions in the first three months this year and MRNSW Commissioner Alex Barrell is hoping boaters play their role to avoid incidents.

“We’ve seen far too much trauma on our coastline this summer, my hope is that we get through this Easter weekend with no fatalities or serious injuries,” Commissioner Barrell said.

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Mr Barrell said good preparation is the key to safely enjoying time on the state’s waterways.

“Make sure you’ve planned your voyage.

“Simple checks of making sure that your boat is in good working order before you leave the boat ramp, checking that you have the right safety equipment, checking that you have the right amount of fuel for your voyage can prevent a good day on the water turning to a bad day on the water,” he said.

Mr Barrell said it is very important that boaters Log On with their local Marine Rescue base or use the Marine Rescue NSW app.

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“One simple step that any boater can take is to Log On with Marine Rescue either over VHF marine channel 16 or via the free Marine Rescue app.

“It’s a simple step and what it means is if you don’t return as planned Marine Rescue will start looking for you,” Commissioner Barrell said.


Marine Rescue NSW volunteers conducted 159 rescues over the Easter long weekend last year with incidents occurring along the coastline from Point Danger to Eden and inland on the Murray River at Moama.

Images: Marine Rescue NSW


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