Andrew Constance backed to run in Gilmore

March 25, 2024 8:38 am in by

Former senior NSW Minister and a small manufacturing business director, Andrew Constance, has been preselected as the Liberal candidate for Gilmore.

“I would like to thank the local Liberal members for giving me this opportunity to continue
fighting for our region,” Mr Constance said.

“In the good times or the hard, I have stood with the community and advocated for its needs. To this day I am asked to help fix things for our bushfire victims or with many other issues, and I absolutely love that. I’ve never stopped advocating and I’m proud to say I am still delivering results,” he said.

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“Being a regional MP is about listening, advocating and fighting hard for people – it’s about solving individual and community problems. And the Albanese Labor Government has created so many more problems for regional NSW and Gilmore.”

“The Labor cost of living crisis has hit every household budget and small businesses balance sheet all across Gilmore. If elected, I will be a champion for stimulating regional economies through the funding and building of key infrastructure. We need to create local jobs, so that our communities can regain their strength.”

“We must put a stop to Albanese Labor’s reviews and obfuscation. Thousands of local jobs can be created with sensible public financing of critical infrastructure such as the Princes Highway duplication project, industry support with a focus on defence, small business and tourism, and a major injection into apprenticeships and on the job training,” he said.

The Liberal candidate said, “Under Labor, Australia’s inflation is higher than most advanced economies putting more pressure on interest rates, with 13 rate rises already. An average household is having to find
an extra $24,000 a year for their mortgage repayments. Renters have been experiencing the
highest increases since 2009.”

“The out-of-touch Albanese Government has had a terrible track record for Gilmore – from cutting billions in NSW infrastructure, to promising almost a hundred times that electricity prices would come down by $275 while power prices have instead gone up by 20 per cent and gas by almost 30 per cent.”

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Mr Constance said, “Anthony Albanese has lied time after time to all Australians, so why should anyone believe him when says he won’t touch negative gearing or franking credits or impose further taxes on families and their homes.”

“Gilmore has gone backwards under Labor, while the Liberal Party has a strong record of delivering what our community needs lower power prices, lower interest rates and lower taxes. I will be campaigning for the services and infrastructure that our community needs to get ahead,” he said.