McGrath Southern Highlands Jeans for Genes Day

McGrath Southern Highlands would love to invite the Southern Highlands community to fundraising event for Jeans and Genes Day.

McGrath Southern Highlands have purchased five pairs of jeans for five amazing children: Archer, Abbey, Teddy, Amelia and Emilia.

We have purchased these white jeans in the sizes of the five faces of Jeans for Genes Day this year and we are asking the community to donate a gold coin to be able to sign the jeans with their name in a coloured marker. Once the campaign ends, we are sending the jeans to Archer, Abbey, Teddy, Amelia and Emilia.

We would like to show all five faces and every other child with a horrible disease that our community is here to support them, and that people do care about what they are going through.

Please come into the McGrath Southern Highlands Office to donate and sign the jeans from now until 5pm, August 4! We look forward to seeing you!



Jul 25 2023 - Aug 04 2023


8:00 am - 12:00 pm


Gold Coin Donation