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The biggest star of the Golden Globes: Fiji Water Girl


The red carpet of the Golden Globes is teeming with stars, and amongst them, an unknown star was shining the brightest. 

Balancing bottles of expensive water on a tray, donning a bold royal blue gown and a confident look in her eye, a woman dubbed "Fiji Water Girl" has managed to photobomb her way into our hearts.

Check out the posts gon' wild across the globe.

This was the general consensus:

As reported by Cnet, photobombing has been a tradition for the FWG (Kelleth Cuthbert):

"I've been photobombing since I was a kid," she said with a laugh. "My family ... we're all a bunch of hams."

She does have a favorite photo of the many she appeared in Sunday: It's the one where she appears behind actor and comedian Jim Carrey. She remembers the moment, but notes that like all her photobombs, it went by "super fast. It's a split second. [The actors] are all on a mission."