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5 ways to remain chilled on a busy day at work

This is a tough one because sometimes work is just not a chilled place to be (unless you work outdoors on a cold day, at the snow or in a freezer).


Especially with 'R U OK' day upon us, it's an important question to ask - do we live to work or work to live? 

We can‘t always change the situation around us, but we can change the way we respond.

I definitely work better the more centered and calm I am. I had a look at some of the things that help the most to maintain cool, calm and collected in times of stress.

1) Get enough sleep and rest. It can complete;y change your mind frame for how we approach and deal with challenges.

2) Go for a walk or do a few cheeky stretches on your lunch break!

4) Give your mind a time out - find somewhere quiet, or grab your headphones. Listen to some calming music or use a mindfulness app for e.g. Insight Timer (free to download). Give yourself 5 -10mins to take some deep breaths in, let go of worries and concentrate on being in your body. We run around all day and so does our mind!
This is a good way to ground ourselves.

5) Write down a to do list and prioritise your day. I always like to write down a few things I've already nearly finished or done, so I feel a sense of achievement ticking them off straight away!