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Calling all Poets to the Annual Poetry Slam

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Whether you are a new poet or an old hand at writing and celebrating poetry, the Shoalhaven is calling all poets to represent our region in the Australian Poetry Slam.  This is your chance to showcase your wordsmith talents.

Shoalhaven Libraries is holding a heat of the Australian Poetry Slam on Saturday, 2 September. Registration is at 12.30 pm at Nowra Library at 10 Berry Street, Nowra. “To hold a heat of the Poetry Slam is a great honour,” said organiser Robin Sharpe from Shoalhaven Libraries.

To encourage poets to get involved, Nowra Library is offering a Poetry Slam boot camp on Friday, 1 September from 5pm – 8pm at Nowra Library to prepare people for the slam.  This is a unique opportunity to work with two of the world’s best wordsmiths Arielle Cottingham and Zohab Kahn on your writing and performance. 

This crash course is guaranteed to overhaul your poetry and help you deliver your words straight into the minds of your audience.  The second part of the workshop will feature professional media makers who will guide you on a step by step journey from recording to uploading your video and audio online.  The workshop is an ideal opportunity to prepare you for the Poetry Slam the following day.

At the Poetry Slam, performing writers are given a microphone, a live audience, and just two minutes to capture the crowd. Whether you're a poet or an audience member, you can be part of the search for the next slam champion.

The MC selects five judges at random from the crowd. After each performance, judges hold up score cards using a 1- 10 scale, with 10 being the highest. Of the five scores for each poet, only the middle three scores are counted.

The competition runs 50 heats across city spaces and regional venues in Australia with the Shoalhaven chosen as one. There are heats in every state and territory. From each heat, two performers from each heat are chosen by their audience as local slam champions.

For more information and to register for the competition visit the Australian Poetry Slam website at www.australianpoetryslam.com/nsw or to book the workshop contact Nowra Library on email [email protected] or Tel: 4429 3705.

Media release courtesy of Shoalhaven City Council