Pools to Remain Open Year Round


Following consultation undertaken as part of the Integrated Strategic Plan, Council has resolved to keep both the Nowra Aquatic Park outdoor 50 m pool and the Bomaderry outdoor 50m pool open all year round.

Mayor Findley said “The 50m pool at Nowra was not budgeted to be open for the entire year and had been expected to close for the winter season in July, reopening in November.”

“Council received representation from the community for the Nowra Aquatic Park to remain open all year and as a result undertook a community engagement process to seek feedback from the community about several options for the pools, in these locations”

“The feedback received was mixed, but the community did show that they wanted both the Nowra and Bomaderry 50 m outdoor pools to be open all year”

“It is not a decision that has been made lightly keeping the 50m pools open all year adds an additional $280,000 to Councils budget and therefore we have requested that staff look at ways that this overall cost can be reduced”

“Both outdoor pools are primarily used by lap swimmers in the early morning, at lunchtime and after work. There may be ways that the operating hours can be adjusted to open during these peak times and close at other times when the pools are empty and this may result in cost savings”

“Staff will be undertaking a review of the overall costs and continue to find savings where they can, in the meantime the pools will now both be open for the whole winter season and we hope that the community will enjoy using these wonderful facilities” - Media release 

- Media release courtesy of Shoalhaven City Council