Workdays with Andy

James & Andy's State of Origin Madness

State of Origin. It's one of the biggest sporting rivalries in our nation! Mate against mate, state against state. 

James and Andy know this rivalry all too well. James, a proud NSW Blues supporter and Andy, a born and bred Queenslander decided to make things interesting and go head-to-head themselves with State of Origin. 

For Game I, they decided that the loser had to do an undie-run across the Shoalhaven Bridge in the the other team's colours. With the Queensland win, it was James who had to lose his kit as well as his dignity!


Come Game II, Andy was feeling confident in his Maroons so was more than happy to accept the challenge, as voted by you. One listener suggested that the loser had to do an ocean swim. James and Andy thought this was a perfect, considering how cold it's been. Unlucky for Andy, it was his time to pay up and accept defeat.




Now, following Game III, the madness comes to an end. Following an incredible Decider game, the NSW Blues took the win and the series as well. The boys decided to surprise each other with a "mystery challenge" that was only to be revealed to the loser after the game itself. 

This is what happened. 



Congratulations to the NSW Blues on another series win. Something tells us this isn't over between these James and Andy!