NSW NOW PNW Never Have I Ever

We’ve all heard of the game ‘Never Have I Ever’ where you play with a group of friends to see who has done what.

Well, with the new Power FM Breakfast Show we wanted to introduce them to you with a little game of ‘Never Have I Ever’, getting to know Abby & Riley a little better!

Abby & Riley are going to head out around town, doing activities and jobs that they’ve never done before but always wanted to give a go. As well as seeing locations around Shoalhaven and Highlands that they've always wanted to explore!

Whether it’s a Dolphin Cruise, milking a cow, a yoga or taekwondo class, maybe it’s just even going to check out the white sand at Hyams Beach – it can be anything!

Abby & Riley will take it in turns to bring a ‘Never Have I Ever’ activity to the show each weekday morning from 6, which will then be followed by the team heading out to complete the task.

Power FM's Never Have I Ever is driven by the Van that delivers more - at South Nowra LDV.

You can stay up to date on how the team are going by listening in weekday mornings from 6, or check out the 94.9 Power FM Facebook page!

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