Super Mario Party Adds Online Play

Two years after its initial release Nintendo has finally added online capacity to its game “Super Mario Party”.

When you think about it, the game was released in October 2018, so it's 2 and a half years.

The update brings the board game aspect of “Super Mario Party” online for the first time where these game modes are all playable online for up to four players:

Mario Party: Choose from 20 playable characters and race across a range of boards with the roll of a dice. Take part in action-packed minigames to gain coins, and trade them for items or Stars. Finish the game with the most Stars – including ones taken from other players! – to be crowned the winner.

Partner Party: Two players join forces and work together as a duo to grab the most Stars. Each player can move freely around the board in pursuit of Stars, paving the way for smart strategies and dramatic duels.

Minigames: Seventy of the included 80 minigames** are playable in online multiplayer, so friends and family can battle it out on dozens of fast-paced minigames.

To access this new feature players will need an active Nintendo Switch Online subscription which you can get for AU$54.95.

You can play together via your friend list and in-game invites, and there's also an option for players to trade passwords for matchups.