Watch the Hilarious way Giraffes eat Grass

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We know giraffes are the tallest animals in the world and we’ve all seen them use their amazing long necks to reach leaves on tall trees.

But did you know they also eat grass on the ground?

And did you ever wonder how such a lanky, tall creature reaches down so low?

If you assumed their necks just… reached… well you’d be wrong.

Watch this magnificent video that reveals all:

How cool is that!? It’s doing jumping jacks!

With 10 million views and counting, the video has sent the internet on a giraffe fact finding mission. Apparently giraffes drink water the same way.


So there you go! Do you feel a bit smarter now, and also a bit more in awe of giraffes? I sure do!

While we’re here celebrating all things giraffe, here are some more amazing facts about them:

* Their spots are like fingerprints - no two giraffes have the same pattern.
* They can sleep standing up and even give birth while standing up.
* They can survive on less than 30 minutes sleep each day, which they get from taking power naps!