Trump's Walls Come Down

Kaley-Jade Baker | February 3rd, 2020

Donald Trump’s “Impenetrable” Wall Has Been Knocked Down By Wind

According to Donald Trump, his Mexican border wall is “impenetrable” and “a great wall”.

Turns out it’s no match for a breeze because it blew straight over and landed in Mexico.

The winds that managed to topple the wall were about 60 km/h. To be fair, the section was still under construction and had been set in concrete that hadn’t dried yet. It was replacing an existing section of the wall near the town of Mexicali.



Poor Donald isn't having much luck with this wall though, just like in this video that went viral back in December 2019 where people we're scaling it with a rope ladder and sliding down it like a fireman's pole.


Better rethink that one DT...