Drake named Spotify artist of the decade AND HIS EARNINGS ARE INSANE

Drake has been named Spotify's artist of the decade, beating out the likes of Ed Sheeran, Ariana Grande and Eminem.

With 28 billion streams, he was the platforms most streamed artist of the decade including notching up the second most streamed single, the Kyla and Whizkid assisted 'One Dance' (the most streamed song belonging to Ed Sheeran with 'Shape of You').

Most of the damage came before 2019 as he failed to crack the top 5 for overall streams, top male streams and top singles.

Post Malone had the biggest 2019 as the most streamed artist, the third most streamed song of 2019 (Sunflower) and the second most streamed album (Hollywood's Bleeding).

But, jumping back on board the Drake train - those 28 billion streams account to a MASSIVE pay day.

On average Spotify pays artists $7.50 per 1,000 streams. With some 'quik mafs' Drake has earnt TWO HUNDRED AND TEN MILLION from Spotify alone. 

He would have similar streaming figures on Youtube - which reportedly pays around $8,000 per million views. Putting on the maths cap again, that's 28 billion divided by 1 million (28,000) times $8,000....or in other words a staggering $224,000,000.

From just those two platforms his streaming/view earnings equate to an approximate FOUR HUNDRED AND THIRTY FOUR MILLION, although his label would definitely be taking a big percentage - which is why his net worth according to the Forbes Rich List was $150 (just over $219 million AUD) as of June.

Either way you look at it, it's a massive achievement from Drake and the dude is making SERIOUS bank.