Check out the new viral trend that men can't do!

Over the years we've had a heap of 'challenge trends' from the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, the Mannequin challenge and 'Neknominating' things can go viral pretty quickly.

The newest trend to do is called the 'Chair Challenge' and it's interesting because it's one that women can nail with ease whilst men are REALLY struggling to complete it.

Originating on social media platform TikTok, the challenge involves people standing exactly the length of their two feet from the wall, lowering there head to then be placed on the wall and without moving then attempting to grab a chair that has been placed nearby, squeeze it up to your chest and then proceed to stand up-right.

And most guys can't do it!

It comes down to two things, women in general having a lower centre of gravity and also higher flexibility (especially in those pesky hamstrings!).

Try it out for yourself!