Keanu Reeves backed by fans to be Person of the Year on petition

Dubbed recently by the internet as “the most wholesome person alive”, in only 2 weeks nearly 100,000 signatures have been signed on a petition rooting for the internet’s latest boyfriend to be Time Magazines Person of the Year.

With the recent release of John Wick 3 – Parabellum and his performance in Toystory 4 and the new Netflix film “Always Be My Maybe”, Keanu’s PR team has virtually taken the month off as the internet praises Keanu’s good deeds during his time in stardom. In the description of the petition its creator Jackson Beem writes; “Keanu is the most wholesome person alive, make him the person of the year!” and credits the A-lister to donating “millions” to children’s hospitals and other charities, which isn’t far from the truth.

Some of his legendary acts include running a private foundation to benefit cancer research and children’s hospitals, giving away millions on the Matrix sequels so the special effect team could be fairly compensated for their work, giving one set builder $20,000 dollars for Christmas to help ease family troubles, waiting 20 minutes in line to his own movie release party in 2015 and hanging out with a homeless person because, well, he could.

Some signers of the petition spoke on their reasons to support Keanu, with responses like:

“He’s breathtaking.”

“Keanu Reeves is the”

“He’s the next best thing since sliced bread.”

“Keanu Reeves is the only human being who should be cloned.”

The petition is timely as recently the Matrix series directors the Wachowskis have been confirmed for a new Matrix movie currently being organised in secret, dubbed “Project Ice Cream” with production rumored for early 2020, however screenplay writer for the film Zak Penn wrote on twitter “it’s Hollywood so don’t believe it until the cameras roll”.

Jump on board to the petition and check out Toy Story 4 out now in cinemas across the Shoalhaven and the Highlands for your latest wholesome Keanu fix.

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