US teacher pays for a man's groceries... turns out he was Keith Urban


I love stories of people going out of their way to do random acts of kindness, ESPECIALLY when it involves our favourite country music star Keith Urban (or Kurban/The Kurb as I like to call him).

US substitute teacher Ruth Reed has made it her mission over the last few years to treat at least one person a week at US convenience store Wawa. Last week, the gentleman in front of her happened to be short a few dollars, and asked the woman he was with to shout him. Ruth stepped in and offered to pay, explaining her usual Random Act Of Kindness policy. He gratefully accepted the offer.

When asked what his name was, the man said Keith, to which Ruth remarked that he DID look a bit like Keith Urban - and HE WAS. At first Ruth didn't believe him (which I love).

Ruth posted it to her socials, and was totally blown away by the experience, as you could probably imagine. She seems super sweet and I love her.

P.S. You can register to win tickets to Keith Urban's Australian tour HERE.