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Abby found her love for radio whilst working behind a coffee machine, tuning in every morning to her local brekky show and singing along to the hits. Starting out on the local station's street team on the Central Coast, she has now cruised her way down to the Shoalhaven to live out her dream job!

She loves gaming on her old school PlayStation 2, as well as playing all the latest apps/games on her iPad. She loves to watch reality TV shows, walk the dogs, sing extremely loud and loves an extra strong coffee! Being the youngest of 4 girls, she is very family-orientated and loves a laugh! 


Instagram: @abbyyhopkins


Riley grew up in Ipswich, Queensland where he played the drums, worked at a video store and was terrible at cricket. 

He loves everything Marvel, jumping on the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation and binge watching How I Met Your Mother on repeat. 

He was super excited to find out that he would be joining Abby on breakfast and moving to the Shoalhaven.


Instagram: @riley.wilton99