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Former Shoalhaven Mayor Paul Green warns voters against politicians like David Leyonhjelm

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Former Mayor of the Shoalhaven and current New South Wales Upper House MP Paul Green is urging voters to choose carefully in the upcoming state elections.

He's concerned about outspoken Federal Senator David Leyonhjelm who's flagged his intention to resign and run for the New South Wales Legislative Council, so he can combat nanny state politics.

Mr Green says it's important to have a robust balance of power and he fears politicians like Mr Leyonhjelm who are always on national media, may not be good for regional areas.

He says there's a reason why major projects like the Princes Highway upgrade and the renovations at Shoalhaven Hospital are happening.

"This has not just happened because the Liberal-Nationals had an idea that they'd like to fund these projects, these have happened because they've actually had the bank account to pay for them", Mr Green said.

"The Christian Democratic Party has been a large part of that in terms of backing their reform that would recycle assets and bring in the money to pay for these projects," he said.

Mr Leyonhjelm is in favour of legalising cannabis for recreational use, pill testing at music festivals (to be privately funded) and is a fierce advocate against lockout laws.

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