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Tanya Plibersek visits the Shoalhaven, concerned about funding for pre-schools

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The Federal Deputy Opposition Leader has paid a visit to the Shoalhaven and taken aim at the Coalition Governments child care policy saying it leaves Gilmore Families worse off.

Tanya Plibersek dropped into the Jerry Bailey Children's Centre in Shoalhaven Heads and met with workers and parents saying that many families are now being forced to choose between paying the bills or paying for early childhood education.

She says it's left up to 1000 families worse off with the Turnbull Government cutting $440 Million in funding.

"Just this week we've learned that after 2020, the Government doesn't propose to fund preschools at all", Ms. Plibersek said.

"That means from 2020 onwards there'd be about 350,000 children worse off again and that's about 2000 children in the electorate of Gilmore that would miss out on a preschool education", she said.

Photo credit: Tanya Plibersek Facebook Page