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A 2.5 per cent pay increase for our Shoalhaven City Councillors

20180515 172309

Shoalhaven City Councillors will be given a two and a half per cent pay increase.

The Local Government Remuneration Tribunal will increase the annual Councillor salary to $19,790 while the mayor will now be on $43,170.

Councillor Mitchell Pakes says he knows it doesn't pass the pub test, but Councillors have no say in it and he's comfortable with the fact Councillors are effectively volunteers and the wage only covers general expenses.

"Has it come at a good time? no it hasn't come at a good time, this Council has just voted to increase the rates by 29.1 per cent and I brought that up at the Council meeting", Councillor Pakes said.

"I think its very poor taste that this has come forward at this stage", he said.