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Councillor Jo Gash re Motorsports Complex: "we are not going away on this issue"


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Councillor’s Jo Gash and Greg Watson who initiated plans to revive the Yerriyong Motorsports Complex say their project was stalled by the Council.

At an extraordinary meeting this week, a new series of recommendations were adopted which will give the General Manager more power to scrutinise the project.

The motion was welcomed by Councillor Andrew Guile who put it up, as well as Shoalhaven Mayor Amanda Findley.

But Councillor Gash says it will only make things harder.

"We have put in a recession motion on his motion and we now need to wait and find out how long that will take to be forward presented to council", Councillor Gash said.

"I can assure him and I can assure the community we are not going away on this issue", she said.