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Water of Origin competition


New South Wales and Queensland will go head to head this week in the annual 2022 Ixom Water of Origin competition.

Winners of the Queensland and New South Wales best tasting tap water competitions will compete for the title in Logan at the Water Industry Operators Association’s Queensland Water Industry Operations Conference and Exhibition.

Shoalhaven City Council is representing New South Wales and Mackay Regional Council is representing Queensland.

The award for the Water of Origin will be judged and presented at the WIOA Conference, which will feature 112 exhibiting companies and attract an estimated 800 attendees.

The Water of Origin winner will have bragging rights over the other state for the next 12 months.

The competition has been running for eight years and the current score is five-three to Queensland.

Will New South Wales close the gap with a win in 2022?

The Ixom Water of Origin is a fun and exciting way to raise awareness of the quality of drinking water in both Queensland and New South Wales, and to recognise the efforts of local water service providers in delivering valuable water services to their communities.

Water samples are judged according to the Water Tasting Wheel, which outlines some of the attributes that water professionals use when judging water such as colour, clarity, odour and taste.

Think ‘wine tasting’ without needing to spit out the samples and you won’t be far wrong.

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