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Extending Kiama Station's rail platforms


Transport for NSW is making the platforms longer at Kiama Station to make it easier for customers to board and alight the New Intercity Fleet called 'Mariyung'.

The new 10-car trains will provide an improved level of comfort and convenience for intercity customers. 

Work being done is to improve the station for customers and staff:

  • extending both ends of Platforms 1 and 2 by about eight metres to accommodate the longer fleet of intercity trains and provide access for customers to all carriages of the train
  • relocating the platform fences, stairs and gates to the end of the newly extended platforms
  • realigning and installing new overhead wiring and signalling equipment so that the new trains can operate safely and efficiently
  • improving safety on the platforms by upgrading lighting, closed circuit television, the passenger announcement systems, tactile paving and line marking as required by the platform extension.

Other work in this area

Some work is being undertaken in this area, south of Kiama Station, to support the delivery of additional rail infrastructure. The work includes:

  • delivery of new track infrastructure:
  1. a 20 metre extension of the Kiama Siding, a low-speed section of track required for trains to turn around and travel back towards the city
  2. installation of a buffer stop for safety purposes
  • civil works such as excavation, construction of a retaining wall for the siding extension, and installation of a boundary fence
  • extension of the drivers’ walkway and additional walkway lighting
  • installation of additional signalling infrastructure.

Image: Abesty, CC BY-SA 3.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

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