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Ward calls for ScoMo to go


Kiama MP Gareth Ward is so disappointed by both the Federal and NSW Government's handling of the pandemic he's calling for the leader of the nation to step down from office.

Ward says both levels of government have made a series of unacceptable errors but his frustration is firmly on the Commonwealth and Scott Morrison for not learning from issues experienced by other countries well before us.

"The Prime Minister needs to resign, we need a new Prime Minister.

"I don't think that Scott Morrison is up to the job.

"There's been a number of systemic failures by him as Prime Minister, Andrew Constance can tell you well about those failures during the bushfires.

"I think that his (Morrison's) lack of planning has been at the heart of why our nation hasn't responded as well as it could have and why we haven't looked to overseas to the problems and tried to get in front of them," the member for Kiama said.


Ward highlighted that the problems the nation is experiencing have been issues that have been experienced well ahead of time in countries that are at a different stage of the virus than Australia.

"It doesn't matter whether it's the vaccination programs or the lack of rapid antigen tests.

"The rapid antigen tests only came to Australia in November, prior to that Europe, the US and the UK were all experiencing a lack of these tests.

"We actually produce these tests in Australia but not a single one of the Australian made rapid antigen tests is being given to an Australian citizen.

"They're all being exported because the Australian Government wasn't thinking far enough ahead.

"I think the Prime Minister's got to go," he said.

Ward has recovered from COVID-19 after testing positive last Wednesday.

Written by Travis Winks

Images: Gareth Ward Facebook and Eesan1969, CC BY-SA 4.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

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