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West Nowra's Ava happy to be one of the first vaccinated


West Nowra's Ava Robbins is one of the first children in the state to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

The seven-year-old had her first dose at Worrigee on Saturday, after an early vaccine delivery allowed the Shoalhaven Family Medical Centres to start vaccinating ahead of today's scheduled start date.

Mum Keturah Norsworthy said she trusted the advice of the medical experts.

"I've no hesitance what so ever, people have studied their whole lives to get these vaccines out, so no hesitancy," she said.

Ms Norsworthy also said it was important Ava join others in protecting those who were vulnerable in their community, and in their family.

"We've got grandparents we need to protect, and aunties and uncles, and we're just doing our part, aren't we?" she said to Ava.

"Yep," Ava agreed, before going on to list elderly and junior family members would could be seriously affected by the COVID-19 virus if they were exposed to it.

Ava said the vaccination "didn't hurt that much".

She was among 110 children vaccinated at the medical centre on Saturday.

Image: Glenn Ellard

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