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Wreck Bay Rural Fire Brigade indigenous artwork connecting community


Wreck Bay Rural Fire Fighters are connected culturally to the land and sea and now their fire trucks carry images of their Indigenous heritage.

The artwork is a collaboration between Sydney-based artist Nikita Ridgeway, of Boss Lady Design and Communications, and brigade members.

Wreck Bay RFS community engagement officer Jackson Brown inspired the design artwork and said "The artwork tells the community story."


Jackson said, "The hands represent the people of the community, and the dots surrounding it represent the Wreck Bay community members, past, present, and future.

He said, "The large black dots and flames represent the Black Summer Bushfires and communities in NSW that were impacted by the bushfires.

"The blue represents the waters around the Bherwerre Peninsula," he said.

Jackson said, "There are also sea creatures that are on, and they represent our cultural connection as Wreck Bay people."


"The Community's Rural Fire Brigade is stationed on aboriginal land in the Jervis Bay territory and is owned and managed by the Wreck Bay Aboriginal Council and the vehicles represent their community and culture whenever it rolls out on a job," Jackson said.

Images: Jackson Brown





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