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Kiama residents support voluntary assisted dying in NSW


The Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill will continue to be debated in NSW parliament today with Member for Kiama Gareth Ward to deliver a speech on the issue.

Ward said his position is representative of the majority of residents in his electorate.

"I undertook an electorate-wide survey of my community and I said I would be bound by that survey.

"88% of people in my electorate said that they support this Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill.

"I will therefore discharge that in the house," Ward said.


Whilst the bill is still a long way off becoming legislation, Ward said the option is an individual choice.

"I'm not saying any one person is right or wrong on this issue.

"I'm not saying that anyone has to use this path.

"The evidence is that most people don't and even those people that are approved don't make the decision to end their own lives.

"There is an enormous comfort in knowing that this option is there," Ward said.

Voluntary assisted dying laws have been passed in Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia and Tasmania while New South Wales is yet to pass legislation.

"For that reason, I think it is important we look at the available safeguards," Ward said.

"Should this legislation pass, NSW will have the strongest safeguards of any state in Australia and that's why I am comforted in supporting this bill," he said.

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