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A purrfect surprise as cat returns after a year


A beloved family cat has been returned to a grateful family a year after it went missing.

Mandy Lawson of Worrigee says Mr Lulu went missing soon after the family moved house from South Nowra to Worrigee, and she and her daughters spent weeks driving around trying to find him.

After about six months they assumed Mr Lulu was dead, until the Shoalhaven Animal Shelter called on Tuesday to say Mr Lulu had been handed in.

Ms Lawson said she was shocked the receive the call, and particularly after seeing Mr Lulu looked well cared for.

"He was in perfect condition, and was pretty fat," she said.

She took him home to surprise her daughters Lacey and Bella.


"The girls were at school at that point in time, and when they got home I got them to close their eyes and hold out their hands, and put Mr Lulu in their arms and mr eldest daughter, she just broke down in tears and cried," Ms Lawson said.

However the girls did not immediately recognise the cat they had not seen for so long.

"It was a bit of a surprise actually and my kids kind of looked at me and we like 'Do we have another cat?' then they've kind of looked again and we like 'Oh my God it's Mr Lulu'," Ms Lawson recalled.

"My daughter was quite emotional about it, she cried for probably five minutes, and just squeezed the crap out of the poor cat."

Ms Lawson thanked whoever handed in Mr Lulu in to the Shoalhaven Animals Shelter this week, and whoever had clearly been feeding him.

Images: Mandy Lawson

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