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Special accommodation for Covid-19 positive patients and close contacts


Illawarra Shoalhaven Health expects to open a COVID-19 Special Health Accommodation facility in the Shoalhaven in the next week.

Known as a 'SHA', the facility is designed to provide safe accommodation for COVID-19 positive patients and people who are considered close contacts awaiting covid test results, who can't safely isolate from family or household contacts.

The Special Health Accommodation facilities are in response to increased Coronavirus cases across the region.

At this stage, the location of the Shoalhaven SHA has not been revealed.

LHD boss Margot Mains said, "The impact of the Delta variant within households has been significant and many people simply cannot safely isolate at home.

"The accommodation is for patients who do not need higher-level hospital treatment, but who do need care and to be isolated from household contacts," she said.

NSW Health officials have confirmed Police or other agencies might be required to monitor the premises to ensure people remain in isolation to keep the wider community safe.

District Health last month detailed plans for a dedicated COVID-19 Intensive Care Unit and a Ward at the Shoalhaven District Hospital, as well as the establishment of a COVID-19 dedicated Medical Respiratory  Ward.

Image: Peter Andrea

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