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Bush tucker plants are blooming in the Shoalhaven


Strong growth in Australia's bush tucker industry has seen booming demand for plants in the Shoalhaven.

"To say it's going gang busters would be a major understatement," said Deb Wheatley from the Wirin Wirra Nursery in Tomerong.

She said there had been strong demand for plants including midgen berries, lilly pillies, lemon myrtle and pepper berries, and all grew well here.

She added finger limes were popular, and grew particularly well in the Shoalhaven.

"They do very well here on the South Coast." Ms Wheatley said.

"We get quite a good crop from the half-dozen or so trees we have here at Wirin Wirra, and they're just a lovely all-round fruit.

"They're quite versatile - great with seafood, great in a salad and great in a cocktail too."


Also growing well in the local area were some more unusual bush tucker varieties such as Davidson plums, where the fruit grew on the tree trunk rather than on branches.

Ms Wheatley said the fruit was quite tart, but last summer she turned the fruit into jam which was "fabulous".

Another one well suited to our conditions is the native raspberry.

"We have a great native raspberry which grows well here in the Shoalhaven and produces really lovely fruit, about plum-sized fruit," she said.

"They're quite soft, and I think that's what's stopping them from going into commercial production because the fruit's just too soft to take too much travel, but you can have it growing in your own back yard and be munching on it every day."

Images: Wirin Wirra Nursery

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