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Rainforest Honey reveals Shoalhaven expansion plan.



Rainforest Honey produces more than 750,000 tonnes of non-organic honey per year from hives along the Murrumbidgee and Murray Rivers and other locations across New South Wales.

That honey is processed at Temora in the Riverina and distributed to retail outlets Australia-wide.

It also has hives located up and down the Shoalhaven and Illawarra coast where the bees that produce the organic honey collect pollen from gum flowers in National Parks and State Forests.


Australian Rainforest Honey was established in 1935 by the Roberts family.

The company now plans to expand its business and establish in the Shoalhaven.

Rainforest Honey's Joe Corrigan said, "Thinking futuristically we were looking at where best to locate ourselves, and Nowra was a logical fit for us geographically."

It has purchased land in South Nowra and where it wants to construct a fill-line and extraction facility which will use state-of-the-art water recycling technology.


"It reduces our carbon footprint with regard to moving the product from the South Coast back up to the Central NSW area," Mr Carrigan said.

"Also it offers us great access to Sydney and other regional centres with regard to the distribution of the product,. 

It would increase production to 1 million tonnes or 1.3 million jars of honey per annum.


Mr Corrigan said "The expansion could add 14 jobs  to the Shoalhaven with 20 jobs to regional Australia through our bee-keeping and honey production staff."

Rainforest Honey currently has a development application before Shoalhaven City Council.

Pending approval the new facility should be up and running within 24 months.

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