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Trouble ahead for Shoalhaven and Highlands


It's feared regional areas will be hit hard when the changes to JobKeeper and Job Seeker kick-in.

The NSW Council of Social Services says modelling contained in a report from Equity Economics shows regional areas face a significant spike in social disadavantage by June 2021.

NCOSS CEO Joanna Quilty says housing stress, homelessness, domestic abuse and mental stress will be among the issues that will hit hard.

.." rising unemployment. This modelling clearly tells us it's going to exacerbate all of those existing issues in our communities and it's something that we're saying to the state government, we need to be taking action now. "

"We know that there are interventions and solutions that can really help these communities and so we need to be investing in these solutions now." Ms Quilty said.

Photo: Joanna Quilty Source: NCOSS