Shoalhaven News

Hopes rise that Nowra birds survived bushfires


You may have missed it, but it's National Bird week and we're being asked to count the birds in our backyard.

A small thing, but Shaun Dooley from Birdlife Australia says it's particularly important this year because of the devastating impact the bushfires had on the bird population...

"Yea we know that we lost alot of birds in bushfires. Like, literally hundreds of millions of individual birds."

" We also know that quite alot survived and it's often really tough in the first year after a bushfire for birds that don't have their natural habitat to live in. They find it hard to get food and avoid predators."

"So we're really keen to find out whether birds are using urban areas and places around peoples homes as a refuge and if they're surviving." Mr Dooley said.

He went on to say a couple of the birds they've been worried about in the Shoalhaven - the Lyrebird and the White-headed pigeon - have already turned up in counts.

We can help by logging on to the Aussie Bird Count website: