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Sussex Inlet residents urged to evacuate


NSW SES is directing people at the following addresses to evacuate:

✔️Wunda Ave, numbers 5, 8, 10, 11, and 13.
✔️Elmoos Avenue, numbers 52, 54 and 60.
✔️Jacobs Street, number 120.
✔️Poole Avenue, number 4.
✔️River Road, numbers 155, 266, 270.
✔️Cater crescent, number 4.
✔️Banksia Street, number 9 and
✔️Fairview Avenue, number 9.

Note, information currently provided by the Bureau of Meteorology identifies the water level reaching a height to impact these properties. However additional impact may be seen with the influence of wave and wind action. Residents in this area, not identified above should remain alert.

👉Residents should relocate personal possessions to a safe place.
👉Leave now, leave the high danger area and move to safety

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NSW SES St Georges Basin Unit