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Calls for local businesses to be given preference during rebuild


Shadow Minister for the South Coast Ryan Park, has called on the NSW Government to preference local small business suppliers and contractors to rebuild services and infrastructure across the area as the massive rebuilding task gets underway. 
Hundreds of local small business operators have been impacted by the devastating fires and it’s been compounded by the fact the fires have taken place during the peak period for the South Coast and Southern NSW local economy.
Mr Park said he wanted to see local businesses given preference during the tendering and contracting process that will begin to ensure the community can get back on its feet as soon as possible and local people can access employment as part of the multi billion dollar rebuilding process. 
“Having been down the South Coast last week and talking with community representatives and small business operators it’s crucial that wherever possible local businesses are used to rebuild their local community,”.
“I want to see locals employed and local businesses engaged wherever possible so the process of not only rebuilding the towns and villages begins but just as importantly their local economy also gets a much needed boost what has been a disastrous few months for the South Coast and Southern NSW.”
“I have today written to the Government seeking a commitment that wherever feasible local businesses and services will be used to help in the massive rebuilding process that is now slowly starting to take place and will begin in earnest once the threat of active fires has gone”