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Help for the fight against cyber bullies


The mother of Dolly Everett believes more can be done to help parents in REGIONAL and RURAL AREAS tackle the issue of cyber bullying with their kids.

Kate Everett, whose daughter Dolly took her own life after sustained bullying, has helped launch a new resource that will give LOCAL PARENTS trusted information and advice.

The Parent Hub, which is now live on the Dolly's Dream website, coincides with the release of a new video which asks teens "are your words doing damage?"

Ms Everett hopes the new video and online resource will encourage teens to speak up against bullying and assist parents to start a conversation with their kids. "Look, we've lived in some of the most remote areas of Australia, so we are truly understand how difficult it can be to access information. And rural and remote kids have a completely different upbringing. You know, we believe that no matter where people are living, it's important to remember that there is help out there, be it on line or via the phone or simply reaching out to a friend."