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CEO identifies Shoalhaven's biggest challenges


Shoalhaven council's new CEO STEPHEN DUNSHEA says infrastructure and coping with the massive influx of tourists every year remains the region's major challenges.

He says while the work on the highway has been very welcome, it's also made the journey from Sydney to the Shoalhaven easier and quicker.

MR DUNSHEA says at last count we were getting 3-million visitors a year and that's only going to grow.. leaving the city with the challenge of how to cope with that.." Doing so and balancing it with the natural environment, which is the very reason that we all choose to live here and the very reason why all these tourists want to come here. So it's managing that growth, providing for that infrastructure, but doing it in a very considered and sympathetic way to our beautiful natural environment that we have here. It is a challenge!" 

Photo: STEPHEN DUNSHEA. Source: 2st/Power news stock