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No joy for Warren Mundine in ballot draw


Many will say it's all about the luck of the draw.. however for the Liberal candidate for Gilmore WARREN MUNDINE it hasn't been so lucky.

The declaration of candidates for the May 18 election was held on Wednesday, along with their positions on the ballot paper.

In all seven people will be in the running for Gilmore and as the numbered balls were taken out one-by-one... Mr Mundine drew number seven on the ballot paper.

It's not the best place to be, as many say the so-called 'donkey' vote, where people simply vote from top to bottom.. could prove costly - especially in marginal electorates.

However for Greens candidate CARMEL McCALLUM the number ONE spot on the paper was an added boost.. "That's great. This is my fourth time running as a candidate in a Federal election and it's the first time I've been number one. That's terrific, we might get a few extra votes out of that hopefully."


Photos: The candidates as they will appear on the ballot paper. Carmel McCallum. Source Rob Gooda. PowerFM/2ST news