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All's well that ends well

warren mundine john howard

Former Prime Minister John Howard has stopped into Nowra today to spruik the credentials of Liberal Candidate for Gilmore Warren Mundine.

That's despite, in 2007, Mr. Mundine saying he hated Mr. Howard and wanted him voted out.

Today the Liberal Candidate was much more complimentary describing him as a great Australian and one of the best Prime Ministers we've ever had.

Meantime Mr. Howard says he's moved on since then, despite once describing Mr. Mundine as being a juvenile.

He says Mr. Mundine's views have since matured.

In other news, departing MP Ann Sudmalis has thrown her support behind Nationals Candidate Katrina Hodgkinson.

A photo has been circulating of Ann Sudmalis and Jo Gash with Ms. Hodgkinson, and National Party Stalwart John Sharp.

Mr. Howard was asked about this during his stop off today in Nowra, and says he holds nothing against Ms. Gash.

He insists she was a very good local member.