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Memorial service this Sunday to remember those who perished in the Melbourne-Voyager collision


A memorial service will be held this Sunday in the Shoalhaven to mark one of the most devastating peacetime Naval disasters that ever occurred in Australia.

On February 10 1964, eighty-two sailors perished when Destroyer HMAS Voyager sank, after a collision with Air Craft Carrier HMAS Melbourne.

It happened during a Military exercise off the Coast of Jervis Bay, a navigational error responsible.

Survivor and Sanctuary Point resident John Hannay who was aboard Voyager says it was a horrific experience.

"I was thrown around the engine room, I landed on the catwalk above the diesel engines and I went up top to see what had happened and the front of the ship had gone".

A new monument has been unveiled at Voyager Memorial Park, the service gets underway this Sunday from 10 am.

Photo credit: News limited