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Shoalhaven Fox Control Program ramps up for 2019

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A range of volunteers will take part in the Shoalhaven Fox Control Program getting underway this weekend.

The program will also be expanded south of the Shoalhaven River to Wandandian.

Last year the program saw about 240 foxes removed, Project Coordinator Peter Jirgins says they use a range of measures including shooting and baits.

He says they pose a great threat to many native animals including Quolls which were recently reintroduced at the Booderee National Park.

"In this Nowra to Wandandian area, we are looking at reducing fox numbers by 1000 in the first 15 months, we need to be doing something like that because national parks have estimated there are 10,000 foxes in the Shoalhaven," Mr Jirgins said.

Anyone who would like to volunteer can fill out the contact form on the Shoalhaven Landcare website by clicking here.

Story by Andrew Page

Photo credit: Pixabay