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Choice Pharmacy makes bold move to stock pill testing kits

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Choice Pharmacy in Vincentia has made a decision to be the first pharmacy in the Shoalhaven to stock pill testing kits which can allow users to test what's in illicit drugs like MDMA, Cocaine and LSD.

The debate over pill testing has heated up in recent times with the death of 5 young people at music festivals, the Berejiklian Government taking a hard-line stance against pill testing at festivals, saying people shouldn't take drugs full stop.

General Manager with Choice Pharmacy Hasan Moutasallem says they don't advocate for the use of drugs, but say it can help people to understand what they're getting into.

"It can help people understand what the effects of drugs are in the body and on our system and if they're taking a certain medication, for example for anxiety or depression, they do react with drugs," Mr Moutasallem said.

Photo credit: Pixabay