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WA cold case murder to be re-investigated

All evidence linked to the 1997 disappearance and murder of 11-year-old Gerard Ross will be re-investigated by WA Police as part of a fresh cold case review.

Gerard disappeared while walking along Kent Street in Rockingham on his way to a comic store with his brother, who had skated ahead on his rollerblades, on October 14, 1997.

The body of the boy, who was from the Pilbara town of Newman, was found dumped in a pine plantation, about 20km south-east of Rockingham, two weeks later.

WA Police Special Crime Division Superintendent Rod Wilde confirmed the Cold Case Homicide Squad has been "re-investigating every aspect of Gerard's disappearance and murder" since February.

"Every piece of evidence is reviewed forensically, every lead that we have is followed up again and reviewed and re-investigated," he told reporters on Saturday.

"We look at all suspects, whether they be deceased in some cases, we go back over everyone."

Investigators have also renewed their appeal for information about Gerard's only personal item still missing - a New York Yankees baseball cap he was wearing when he vanished.

A $250,000 reward offered by the state government remains available for information about Gerard's murder.

Police Minister Michelle Roberts said the "shocking murder" had disturbed the West Australian community for the past 22 years.

"(Gerard) and his brother and family have had their childhood taken from them and their lives ruined," she said.

"We want to see a result, we want to see those responsible brought to justice."

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