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Change a chook's life and find a feathered friend


Anyone looking for a feathered friend has a chance to change a chook's life on Saturday when a Rescued Chicken Adoption Day is held by Let The Ladies Go organisation in Mitttagong and Goulburn.

The charity re-homes chickens and gives them a life away from breeding and continuous egg-laying.

The chickens up for adoption are 18 months old - an age at which they are usually sent for slaughter.

Let The Ladies Go is a charity that has rescued and re-homed about 50,000 chickens over the years, putting them up for adoption.

Founder Tania Daykin said chickens were intelligent and curious creatures that deserved better than the battery cages and endless, unnatural egg production.

To free a new feathered friend you need to register via the group's Facebook page.

Image: Alexas Fotos / Pexels

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