Warning against invasive floating Frogbit

August 29, 2023 6:00 am in by

The prohibited weed Frogbit (Limnobium laevigatum) has been detected in a Bomaderry waterway prompting a dire warning to the community.

The noxious aquatic week from Central and South America invades and smothers waterways and must not be bought or sold in NSW and must be eradicated when found.

Dr Michael Roberts, Manager of Environmental Services said the weed may be used as an aquarium plant, and illegal dumping of aquarium or pond plants in waterways has been the main cause of Frogbit infestations in NSW. He urged residents to familiarise themselves with the bright green, glossy leaves of Frogbit and report the weed to Council.

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“This weed has the potential to cause real harm to the Shoalhaven’s waterways and aquatic animals,” said Dr Roberts.

“If you see this weed in waterways or see it being bought or sold, we need to hear from you immediately,” he said.

Frogbit is a perennial, fast growing, floating aquatic weed which can:

  • form dense mats that form large dense mats across waterways
  • reduce light, food and shelter for fish and other aquatic animals
  • reduce the number of native plants and birds that can live in or near the waterway
  • block waterways and channels, and reduce recreational activities, like swimming, fishing and boating.

The Biosecurity Act 2015 classifies Frogbit as ‘Prohibited Matter’. Any person who deals with prohibited matter or a carrier of prohibited matter may be found guilty of an offence.

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If you become aware or suspect the presence of prohibited matter please call Council on 1300 293 111. For more information on the weed go to NSW WeedWise.