Cultural burn at Triplarina Nature Reserve

July 17, 2023 10:06 am in by

The NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service is supporting a cultural burn planned for Triplarina Nature Reserve starting this morning, Monday 17 July.

The 6-hectare burn will be done by Aboriginal fire practitioners from the Nowra Aboriginal community and Firesticks Alliance members over 2 days, with site patrols to follow for a few days.

Traffic management signs will be in place on Yalwal Road and Rannoch Drive, with both potentially being affected by smoke.

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Smoke may be visible to residents in West Nowra, and anyone vulnerable to smoke is encouraged to stay indoors and keep doors and windows closed to reduce exposure.

During this cultural burn the undergrowth will be burnt very low and slowly, giving animals time to move away and leaving some patches unburnt.

The burn intends to connect people to Country and to make Country healthy, as well as reducing fuel loads and contributing to the region’s hazard reduction activities.