Family Finds a Redback Spider The Size Of a Golf Ball


A family was shocked to find a giant Redback spider in their home on Boxing Day.

And OMG, is it a HUGE!!!

Reddit user CapnFancyPants posted the snap of the spider to Reddit.

‘Nothing more Australian on Boxing Day than finding a redback the size of a golf ball deciding to move in with their whole family,’ He wrote.  

And naturally, people were freaked out.

‘Heck no,’ commented one used.

‘So did you burn the house down?’ added another.

‘Yikes! That’s a hard pass from me…’ commented another.


NSW’s Poisons Information Centre explained that people should call 000 immediately if someone is bitten by a spider, before bandaging the area and remaining still.

“Call 000 for an ambulance,” the centre said.

 “Apply a pressure bandage to the bite site with a wide elasticised bandage then continue to bandage the entire limb from toes to hip or fingers to shoulder.

“Bandage should be as tight as for a sprained ankle and not cut off the circulation.

"Immobilise the limb with a stick or splint and secure with another bandage. Keep the patient still, seated or lying down, until ambulance arrives.”